The thought

Each of our products tells a story, quite literally. We create and curate designs around stories about life, events & philosophies and turn them into visually stunning merchandises. Our products are designed as conversation starters and probes to push you to talk about these stories and dig deeper into them.         

Behind the curtains

Put in one word, we are storytellers. We enjoy listening, watching & reading just about any story. Not only do they help escape our reality, they shape it. Each narrative of each event, each point of view opens new understandings & we like to dig as deep as we can. Only in knowing all sides of the story does one stand a chance of knowing the actual story.      



Firstly, the definition of "telltale" is "a device or object that automatically gives a visual indication of the state or presence of something." And that's precisely what our products do.

And secondly, the name is based on a song "Tell tale sings". The song is a story in itself that has been superimposed with another story, a concept that we aspire to apply in our storytelling.